Strawbury is a solution to the global warming crisis. Please read our full introduction below to understand our concept.

The Data...

Please realize as you read this page that it only took me about an hour to find all this information online on trusted information sources. Feel free to do your own research and compare it with this site's information. As of 2015 the current population is 7.3 billion people. According to 2012 UN projections, global population is expected to reach between 8.3 and 10.9 billion by 2050. 10 billion people is the uppermost population limit our planet can sustain where food is concerned, our planet can't produce more food than that. So that means that by the year 2050 there will likely be a lot of starving people on the planet. Climate Change is happening rapidly and could drastically change living conditions in the years ahead. Environmental experts agree that very soon, extreme events will become the norm.

          If you look at the news you will see that many developing countries are already getting hit hard by floods, hurricanes, and cyclones. Seventy percent of the Earth's freshwater is locked in the ice caps. It is important to note that six countries (Brazil, Russia, Canada, Indonesia, China and Colombia) have 50 percent of the world's freshwater reserves. So that means that other countries with less fresh water will struggle more and more each year to find fresh drinking water.

         Pollution is another major problem that is affecting our planet. With the cutting of forest land and amazon rainforest each year, air quality will continually decline in quality. Air pollution is responsible for killing over 7 million people across the globe in 2012 alone. The number of lives air pollution claims will rise dramatically in the years ahead.

         Global warming and climate change are only expected to intensify due to the human footprint. Let's suppose that somehow we cut down greenhouse gas emissions and stopped polluting entirely. The greenhouse gases in the atmosphere still stay trapped there for hundreds of years, so the damage is done. The rainforest that produces oxygen for our planet that has been cut down will not grow back for many years, so that damage is done also. Our world has a lot of major environmental problems that aren't going away. It is very clear that because of these increasing problems, life on Earth will eventually become much harsher than it is today.

The Logical Conclusion

The best solution to global warming, overpopulation, and climate change is to migrate to another planet. It is the logical thing to do in our current situation. It is obvious that we need to start thinking of moving right away while we still have enough time to plan this through. This website is dedicated to moving forward, to accepting the truth that our planet is getting too small for us and we need to stop thinking that we can sustain growth on this planet indefinitely. By the year 2050 conditions will become harsher on Earth, and overpopulation will become a major factor. Climate change, global warming, pollution, extreme weather, and a lack of food and fresh drinking water worldwide will also play a huge role. We need to start tackling this issue right away, and inventing new innovative technology that will enable us to migrate elsewhere is the obvious solution.

Why this site was created!

Already scientists are finding planets in the sky that they think can sustain life. So now that we know that this planet won't sustain us in the future, and we know that planets similar to our's exist. We now need to start creating new innovative technology that will get us to that new planet. That new technology could either be a method of propulsion fast enough to get us to that new planet, or it could be technology that could send a deep space message to Earth-like planets detailing our current conditions on Earth and our request for help. There may be other better solutions, coming up with them will be our goal.

Every mind has a unique perspective

It is a bold undertaking, but it is our best solution. We need to work together to create technology for the future. Personally I think that continuing to do nothing about the problem is more of an obstacle than the task itself. I think human beings are far more capable and creative than they give themselves credit for. There is nothing we can't do if we all work together.

What provides! is a directory of inventions that will empower inventors to create technology to enable us to migrate to another planet. Inventors and people with creative minds can come to and freely submit their invention ideas. Others can then build on the ideas of other creative thinkers which could snowball into some amazing discoveries in the years to come. Users can also exchange ideas in our forums and consult articles in our directory of articles. We want to become a Hub for creative thinking and a platform for the technology of the future. We want researchers and inventors from all around the globe to be able to come and pick up ideas through our database.

Everyone Can Contribute

Even the smallest invention idea is welcome. That invention idea could be a free energy device, an improvement on current propulsion, a motor, a communication device, etc... We have several categories to welcome all types of inventions. Even if you are not an inventor, you can still contribute to You can submit articles to our article directory on numerous topics such as the environment, global warming, climate change and technology. These articles will benefit everyone that visits Strawbury. You can also submit your ideas on how we could build ecological homes and cities on our new future home planet. We also welcome everyone to come and share their throughts in our forums. Joining is 100% free and becoming a member has many benefits.

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